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Hot Shit
The best salsa you will ever taste...no shit!
A fresh taste, specially developed hotness and blended texture all combine to create an out of this world addition to any Mexican food, or use it as a dip for your favorite chip.

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The Whole Sh*t and Kaboodle
Could Heaven have come to earth? You betcha!
Such a perfect combination it should probably be sporting a halo! Our ultimate collection! 2 Special Shit, 1 Good Shit, 1 Aw Shit, 1 Hot Shit Salsa, 1 BBQ Sauce, 3 Dip Shit for Vegetables, and 3 Dip Shit for Fruit. 

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We shit you not, you’re gonna love this sauce!

BBQ Shit is specially designed to bring the fun back to grilling and smoking.  With a combination of secret spices proven in the famous Shit family of dry rubs, BBQ Shit brings you a whole new way to enjoy the patented tongue-tingling goodness. Slather some of this unique sauce on all of your favorite meats, and you’ll wonder why we didn’t come up with it sooner. Make no mistake, this is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, grocery store BBQ sauce

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NEW! BBQ Shit Kit
Never before has the perfect rub been enhanced with the perfect sauce! Yeah, Special Shit is good with other sauces and yeah, BBQ Shit is good with other rubs but the combination of these two products together is better paired than Peas & Carrots. 

Try the robust flavors and, no shit, we think you will have discovered the meaning of life. 

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Special Shit - All Purpose Seasoning
Special Shit All Purpose Seasoning is a savory addition to any food!  Made from a combination of flavorful spices that are delicately blended to produce a gourmet seasoning unlike any other, Special Shit is guaranteed to send your taste buds reeling! For a real BBQ treat, fire up your grill and use our secret spice blend for grilling and barbeque. You'll have delectable steaks, chicken, seafood, pork, potatoes, and veggies! Just add Special Shit and you'll land rave reviews!

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Aw Shit - Hot n' Spicy Seasoning
Aw Shit Hot n' Spicy Seasoning is specially blended for those who want to put a little zip in their doo-da. With a hot combo taste of Mexican meets Cajun, this seasoning provides just the right amount of kick to make you say "Aw Shit!" Aw Shit will get you reaching for the nearest beer, but without having to "bite the bullet" the next morning. Whether you're a gourmet cook or a sadist trying to get even with a friend, Aw Shit will provide the extra heat to bring out your best.

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Good Shit - Sweet n' Salty Seasoning
Taste the sweet difference! Good Shit Sweet n' Salty Seasoning is a specially blended formula designed to bring sweetness to the palate like no other seasoning does. This blend will transform regular chicken, ribs, and pork into a masterpiece of flavors. Amaze your friends and hear them say, "Man this is some Good Shit!" Good Shit will add just enough sweetness to leave you taste buds dancing. Try it on Teriyaki, popcorn (for that sweet and salty taste), ribs, chicken, Shit, put it on everything. But be forewarned, Good Shit is habit forming!

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Get All Three in Our Convenient Gift Box!
Get all three of our delicious seasonings for one terrific price! The convenient "Get Your Sh*t Together" gift box includes a bottle of Special Shit, Aw Shit and Good Shit providing a complete arsenal of seasonings to add just the right touch to just about anything; including briskets, steaks, chicken, pork and even popcorn!

Gift Box with 3 each Dip Shit for Fruit and Dip Shit for Veggies
Together at last!  All of our delicious seasonings, plus packages of Dip Shit for Fruit and Dip Shit for Vegetables! Includes a bottle of Special Shit, Aw Shit and Good Shit providing a complete arsenal of seasonings, plus 3 each Dip Shit for Fruit and 3 each Dip Shit for Vegetables.  

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Dip Shit for Fruit
It’s amazing that something so simple could taste so good. Mix the contents of the Dip Shit for Fruit (and Cookies) envelope with 8 ounces of sour cream and wait a few minutes for the flavors to meld. Use it as a dipping sauce, spoon it on top of strawberry shortcake, or toss with fresh fruit to prepare an unbelievable fruit salad. Get some of those high-dollar Pepperidge Farm™ cookies and dip into the velvety smooth texture of Dip Shit and sit back and watch your friends as they become addicted to the flavors. 

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Dip Shit for Vegetables
We have created a really unique taste in our Dip Shit for Vegetables (and Chips). Makes a welcome contribution to a party, or to just indulge yourself in private. With its slightly hot taste, you are subtlety encouraged to sip your adult beverage of choice slightly faster than normal. Mix the envelope with eight ounces of sour cream and allow to chill for an hour. Then dip your favorite veggies or chips, or even put it on a baked potato. No longer will you wince every time you hear Dip Shit, they’re not talking about you. 

Dip Shit Sampler Pack
Try them both! The Dip Shit Sampler Pack includes 3 packages each of Dip Shit for Fruit and Dip Shit for Vegetables.

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