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 Welcome to Shits & Grins - Home of the Best Tasting Shit Around!
NEW! The Whole Shit and Kaboodle
Could Heaven have come to earth? You betcha!

Such a perfect combination it should probably be sporting a halo! Our ultimate collection! 2 Special Shit, 1 Good Shit, 1 Aw Shit, 1 Hot Shit Salsa, 1 BBQ Sauce, 3 Dip Shit for Vegetables, and 3 Dip Shit for Fruit. 
NOW SHIPPING - Hot Shit Salsa!
We got tired of that other bullshit and came up
with a salsa you can really enjoy!

"A fresh taste, specially developed hotness and blended texture all combine to create an out of this world addition to any Mexican food."

The best salsa you will ever taste...no shit!
"not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, grocery store BBQ sauce"

Fire up the coals, grab your brush, and get to basting with BBQ Shit

We shit you not, you’re gonna love this sauce!
BBQ Shit Kit
Finally! The perfect rub paired with the perfect sauce. 
Try the robust flavors and, no shit, we think you will have discovered the meaning of life! 
It's not a joke!  These are the best seasonings you have ever used!
Funny Labels...Serious Seasonings!  Most folks buy our products the first time for the funny labels...but they come back again and again because of the taste!  What fun it is to Mix and Match the flavors to come up with your own Shit.  Makes a great gift for the hard to buy for folks and they make a great conversation piece for your next party.  
All 3 Seasonings Gift Box
Only $35.00
Gift Box with 3 each Dip Shit for Fruit & Veggies
Only $45.95

For some absolutely fabulous recipes using the entire Shit Product line, checkout our recipes page.



Try All Three!
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